Construction Logistics

With a background in architectural design and 3D modeling and rendering, my unique vision of architectural projects helps clients explain construction logistics plans in a clear and concise way, and demonstrates a unique level of understanding of the project that my clients’ competitors simply do not possess. My construction management clients have won literally billions of dollars in construction contracts since 2001 and win approximately 90% of the time when presenting to selection committees.

Design Development

With Bachelor of Design and Master of Architecture Degrees from UF, along with 24 years of experience in architectural design, I have developed the ability to work from very limited information. Whether you have a BIM model, PDF images of plans, a napkin sketch, or even just a verbal description of the project, I can develop a 3D model and animation of your architectural project. Client feedback has indicated that our graphics often surpass renderings and animations from the designing architect themselves.

3D Modeling/Rendering

Having started using AutoCAD and 3D Studio in 1992, my experience in 3D modeling, 3D rendering, and 3D animating large-scale architectural projects is unmatched by most of my competitors. I created my first construction logistics animation in 2001 and essentially pioneered the idea of showing clients their actual, proposed projects being built at interview presentations. Until that time most companies' marketing departments relied on showing past, similar projects to clients at interview presentations.

VR Spherical Video

Recently I have developed a method of creating 360 degree spherical video of architectural spaces which can be viewed using Virtual Reality headsets such as Google Cardboard. This spherical video places the viewer inside the space and can be a very effective marketing tool in selling ideas and designs to clients. I created 4 such spherical videos recently for a science museum client which were used to create a marketing buzz and to create increased interest in the new, proposed science museum exhibits.